Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Not one pair is the same, and we are all uniquely different. 

If you have breast asymmetry, I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that every woman has some level of this condition, whether it is noticeable or not. As our breasts begin to develop at the start of puberty, the chance of one developing more than the other is very likely. How drastically an individual’s breast grows asymmetrically differs person to person. Some women can have one breast size an A-cup and the other a C-cup. Some women’s differing breast size isn’t as drastic, just a slight difference. 

Because of this natural development, many women find themselves feeling a bit insecure about their asymmetry. In fact, many studies have shown that women with differing breast sizes suffer from body dysmorphia, low self-esteem, and in some cases depression. Subsequently, this can lead to eating disorders, substance abuse, and turning to plastic surgery.

Some will turn to cosmetic surgery to even out the size of their breasts, but if that’s not for you or you don’t have the means to go through such a procedure, there are a few ways to mask this condition so that you can feel your most confident self.


Experts recommend buying a new bra every 6 months, and if professionals are authorizing a little retail therapy, I’m all in – and you should be too!

When buying a new bra, you want to buy one that fits the larger breast size to prevent cup overflow for the bigger breast. Additionally, you could opt for using a padded insert to even out the size and shape. Not only will it help to even out your breasts, it will also provide additional support! 


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I can’t stress enough how important it is to really do your research and trial + error testing for the right bra for you. Whether you’re smaller chested, larger chested, or largely asymmetric, there is a bra shape that will work best for you. 

This article from health.com has a great fit guide for all breast shapes and I recommend you check it out!


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By massaging your breasts, you will be increasing the blood flow and circulation. Massage them both, however, you want to ensure that you’re focusing most of your love and time on the smaller breast. As you further knead your breasts, estrogen will be released to this area and can help to improve breast growth. Prolactin, another hormone, will be released as well and this hormone is helpful in terms of promoting breast dimensions. 

Breast massages also help to tone the tissue in this area of the body, ensuring that over time your twins are more firmer and perkier. A win-win for all!

While this condition is very common (more than half of all women have some dissymmetry) and in most cases need not be a cause for concern, however, there is a time when you should consult your doctor. If you find your breasts are largely different in size, it could be an indication for breast cancer. Your doctor can run a number of breast exams to analyze breast density, structure, and check for any masses. 

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