We make darn good bra inserts.

No more shifting, flipping and bunching.
Inclusive sizing and skintones.


Creating bra inserts that are well designed, solve the issues and always include more women.

        How they work

Our patented grippy exterior adheres against fabrics holding them in place inside bras, bralettes, swimsuits, sportsbras + more. Nothing sticky or hot touching your skin.

Why makes our inserts so dang amazing?

womans hand holding the inserts showing the grippy exterior

Grippy Exterior

Nothing sticky touching your skin. Grip is on the outside! No more fixing and unfolding madness!

Holds Shape

Our cups are designed to hold their shape through washing + wear. No flimsy, dented inserts with us!

Leave them in pockets

No need to take them out while washing. Leave them in! No pocket oragami! They will be right where you left them.

Hello Ovals

The ideal shape for regular bras. Naturally following the curves and provides a secure fit, natural light shaping, balance when needed and ultimate nipple coverage. Goes right against your breast or in a pocket!

Hello Half Moons

The ideal shape for swimsuits, sportsbras and cozy lounge bras. All of our inserts are designed tp withstand chlorine, seawater and sweat.

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"We shouldn't have to constantly fix our bra inserts. They should stay in place while we are active and in the wash. It didn't exist so I created it."


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