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Hi I'm Angie! Just a woman who like so many of us, was beyond frustrated with my inserts moving around, bunching up (out in public of course!) and ending up at the bottom of the washer every single time I washed my swimsuit and sportsbras!    

I couldn't believe that inserts had never been improved in over 20 years. I made the decision that I would figure it out. After 2 years of fabric development and wear testing, I created 2 essential insert styles that fit regular bras, bralettes, swimwear, sports bras and camisoles. I also created extended sizing, 5 sizes that cover A-H cups and a large range of band sizes. At my core, I want women to feel included.

I am thankful to all the women who were product testers and to "Mr. Honeycloudz" my husband Jack for his support and believing in me. It's been an amazing journey so far!

The last thing we ladies should be worrying about is our dang bra inserts! We have all just dealt with it because nothing else was available. Change is here. It's about time! 


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