Sarah Smyrk on August 20, 2018


"I’m so happy someone FINALLY thought of creating a multipurpose insert! I am often having to take inserts out from sports bras or swimsuits and finding the right fit/shape is always a struggle. These have the right about of coverage and provide enough lining to hide anything from showing without being “padded”. They stay put and don’t move around.

I am a 32B and originally ordered a size S but returned for an XS as I found the the other was slightly big for some of my swimsuits. The Honey Cloudz team was great and so responsive to my return and shipping out the new size - incredible customer service!!

These are a must! I know I’ll definitely be ordering more as gifts for my friends and nieces!"


Erin Poore on August 8, 2018


“I've worn these as inserts for swimwear, some with openings for cup inserts and also directly against my skin in athletic swimwear with no openings. They are amazing! They do not budge, even directly against your skin. They also offer great coverage and shaping without being bulky, and no wrinkling! Honey Cloudz are a game changer ladies!”


Lori T on August 8, 2018


I finally found the perfect solution for my sundresses and camis. I get shape and coverage that stays put! Very glad I found these. All the other cups went in the trash.


Laura on Jul 20, 2018

Great coverage!

"I am not one to buy on an ad on Facebook, but I took a chance on this and I am glad I did. I can go anyplace cold and feel confident I won’t be told my headlights are showing! They fit well and they really do stay put. Very comfortable and I can now wear my most comfortable bras and feel supported. I am very happy I took a chance on these! The best I have found. The search for bra inserts is over!"


Krista on Jul 20, 2018

Works under pressure

"I am a woodcrafter, animal rescuer, and equestrian. I don't have time to fight with bunchy, sloppy bra inserts that are a pain going in, trying to get in place, and getting them smooth, especially for the poor coverage they provide. I spend most of my day in the elements and fighting with my bra pads is the last thing I need to worry about. Since purchasing my first set of Honey Cloudz, and testing them for a month, I have purchased 3 more sets. The first thing I noticed when I received my Honey Cloudz, was how well made and shaped they were, the second was how they easily went into my bra, filled the space nicely, and stayed!!! It took all of 30 seconds to put both in and be ready to go, honestly I was stunned I didn't have to figet with them!!! Then I put the bra on, and for the first time I can remember my bra cups looked good, smooth, shapely, and no cups showing!!! After a month of using them daily, I was sold that the quality would last and ordered more, I then looked at my pile of old pads and decided to pitch them, never going back!!! I donated them to my current foster kitten, she seems to get more use out of them then I ever did!!!"


Norie on Jun 18, 2018

Perfect for hiking!!

"I go hiking every week and i was not happy that fact all my sports bras had very thin pads. They could not only hide my nipples in a cold weather, but they managed to get out in the washing machine.... I hated them so much! Now, they are thick enough to cover my nipples and stay in my bra in the washer. I was surprised the fact that even high-end sports bars did have the pads anywhere equivalent to what Honey Cloudz makes. I am very happy with their products and happy to spread the word to the world!!"


Jacalyne Christine on Jun 20, 2018

Miracle Honey Humps

"The half moon inserts have been the perfect addition to my active life. From bike rides to half marathons they give me the comfort in my sports bra I was lacking along with added support! Thank you for designing a much needed product, and allowing me to get the most out of every workout! You’re now a part of my story in me becoming my best self."


Erica on Jun 18, 2018

Awesome cups!!

"Finally, I can throw away all my old useless cups! These are great for my work out tops and sports bras. I also love that I can just throw it in the wash and it stays in place. Thank you for making these!"


Julie Rattay on May 16, 2018

Best inserts in swimwear

"I bought the oval and half moon shape inserts. I can say that I am thrilled I made the purchase!!! I replaced all my inserts in my sports bras and put in these. They provide nice even shaping , they actually stay in place , and they cover up my nipples. You can even keep them in your sports bras and wash them and hang them to dry. It's awesome that they don't crunch up or get all jacked up inside the bra like all other inserts do. And swimwear well this is another fantastic solution ladies. I've even played sports wearing them and they never moved. So if you want to look and feel your best then ditch those other pads and get the real deal. Honey Cloudz Ladies!"


Kristen Ciabattoni on May 15, 2018

Great for nursing moms!

"I absolutely LOVE my honey cloudz! I have a 6 week old son and nurse him around the clock. I am on the smaller side, so not wearing a bra was a normal thing with my older daughter when I nursed her. The headlights were a problem though. Honey Cloudz not only takes care of the headlights, they stay in place and also absorb any unwanted leakage. I hand wash them in cold water each night and lay to dry. By morning they are ready to go for another day. :) Thank You Angela for solving a problem so many women have. <3"


Lauren Conrad on May 15, 2018

Threw away all my old swimwear cups!

"I was so sick of the cups in my swim suits bunching and folding or coming out! Honey Cloudz has allowed me to trash all those old cups because these are all I'll ever need! I just did a 5 week parent and tot swim class with my son, and I wore these every time. They stayed perfectly in place and made me feel so comfortable and supported. Can't wait to wear them at the beach this summer!"


Krista Torok on May 15, 2018


"I was completely amazed at these inserts. When they say that they stay put, they stay put!!! I'm a 34D and I got a medium. Perfect! Thank you for a Godsend product. ❤️❤️❤️"


Michele on Mar 21, 2018

I love this product!

"Honey Cloudz inserts are genius. I wish this product would have been on the market years ago so I would not have gotten rid of clothing that came with crumpled, unless inserts making the clothes unwearable. I am a size 32D and the medium half moon inserts fit perfectly in my sports bras. They stay in place and nobody can tell when I am cold."


JJ on Mar 21, 2018

Where were you all my life?

"When I heard this product was coming, I was excited at the thought of no longer dealing with cumbersome sports bra pads! Honeycloudz are every bit as practical and comfortable as I'd hoped. I'm travelling currently and the mesh bag is perfect for packing and washing on the go. 34c cup and the medium triangle fits perfectly in my bra. Looking forward to trying out for bikini top too."


Karen on Mar 21, 2018


"These inserts work perfectly under my unlined bras for when I need extra lining. They stay put and aren’t bulky. Love my Honey Cloudz vanilla half moons!"


Kim on Mar 21, 2018

My go-to for all of my runs

"I'm a runner, roughly 35 miles a week. I was very excited to hear about this product because I was so frustrated with those foam pads. I love these, they don't move! I have used them inside a liner and in my sportsbras that don't have a liner. Both work great! Thank you for making this better for women!"


Trish Miller on Mar 16, 2018

Never going back!

"I bought them for workouts mainly and I plan to wear in my swimsuit this summer. Love the mesh bag, the two pockets separate them pads nicely for washing. I am a 36D, size Large pads fit me great. I wear them for HIIT and pilates classes. It's so awesome they don't move. I wasn't looking for extra padding and I love that these are lightweight but have a smooth shape. 4 stars only because I hope to see fun colors in the future!"


Jen Bonner on Mar 15, 2018


"I wear mine inside my workout bralettes for yoga mainly. My bralettes are unlined so I just place them inside against my breasts and they stay in place. I've had no issues at all with them moving. I love not thinking twice about it anymore. I purchased vanilla sugar which is pretty close to my skin tone has been great for my pastels and white colored tops!"


Kelly Adams on Mar 14, 2018

Game changer!

"I have had my set for 2 weeks so far and I can't tell you how great it is to not have to fix my inserts anymore! I'm a 34C and bought size Medium and they fit my medium sports bras perfect. I have worn them everyday for spin class and cross fit and they really don't move. Genius! I will never go back to the crappy ones!"


Stefanie Willett on May 21, 2018

A Must Have!

"I have used the Oval inserts for several months now and I wear them every day. They are amazing for extra nipple coverage. I also wear them because I am a 36C and 36D and when I wear the inserts, I feel more confident that I look "even". The inserts stay in place and come keep their shape after getting washed time and time again.  These inserts are a game changer! Thanks Honey Cloudz!"


Pam Winner on Mar 21, 2018

Perfect for the hospital

"I'm a nurse and wear inserts for "extra nipple protection" while I am on the job. I am throwing away all of my other useless pads! These work perfect, they are thin enough to fit easily in my bras and don't move. They are pretty too!"


Amy Paddock on Mar 14, 2018

I'm in love

"I was interested in these for balancing out my smaller breast. I am a 34C and 34B, I purchased the size medium and it gave me the perfect balance. It makes me feel better and I like how it just evens me out. Nothing extra. These are not the thick padded kind and I like that. The mesh bag is adorable, my set washes so easy. I can't wait for black to be back in stock!"


Linda on Mar 14, 2018

Covered me very well

"I wear unlined bras and always conscious about my nipples showing in certain situations. I love that that they aren't too thick at all, lightweight and easily fit into my bra. The best part is they don't move. I love not worrying if my pad moved! I bought the color latte, it's so pretty!"


Chelsea on Mar 14, 2018

So awesome!

"I bought the oval pads in vanilla sugar in a small. I am a 34B and they provide excellent coverage with just enough thickness. They are AMAZING! I have worn them every day in my sports bras while I exercise. They wash perfectly and come out looking and feeling exactly like they did right out of the package. Get these...for sure!"





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