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Honey Cloudz

Bra Inserts Washing Bag

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Our bra inserts washing bag was designed with a divider inside - perfect for washing and storing inserts. The divider helps get inserts extra clean by providing a barrier between the pads while water and soap can flow freely around the entire insert. Can also be used for storage or travel. Featuring a sturdy stainless zipper and soft mesh, add it into the washer knowing your inserts will stay in great shape. Fits all of our insert sizes.

Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm-cool. Do not put into the dryer. Do not iron. No bleach. Lay flat to dry.

Content: 100% Recycled Polyester 

One Size and Color Blue

Fabric Content

Fabric Content: 82% Polyester 18% Spandex, Cups 100% Polyurethane, Non Slip Bra Inserts Application 100% Medical Grade Silicone

Care Instructions

Washing Instructions: Our bra pads can be washed inside your sports bras/tops, swimwear or inside the Honey Cloudz mesh bag. Machine wash warm/cold or hand wash. Use gentle detergent, no bleach, do not iron or dry clean. Lay flat or hang to dry. Do not put inserts in the dryer.

    Bra Inserts Washing Bag - Honey Cloudz
    Bra Inserts Washing Bag - Honey Cloudz
    Bra Inserts Washing Bag - Honey Cloudz
    Bra Inserts Washing Bag - Honey Cloudz
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    • Machine or Hand Wash

      Lay flat or Hang Dry. No Dryer or Iron


    What size should I get?

    Refer to our Size Guide and locate your bra size. We also list the insert dimensions if you want to double check the size of your garment, it's an excellent way to be sure it will fit properly. If your end use is a regular bra/everyday bra as a "fill in", extra nip coverage we highly suggest to size down one so that it fits properly in your bra. Also keep in mind if your bra style is demi or are wearing a sportsbra/bralette/ smaller bikini top with reduced coverage, you will need to size down one.

    Will they stay in place without anything else under a shirt or dress? 

    No, the inserts need to be inside a swimsuit, sports bra, workout top, bralette, regular bra. They are not a strapless "silicone bra" that you can wear by itself.

    How do I know if I have the right fit? 

    If the insert moves around the first day while you are wearing, it is too big size down. Your breasts should cup the insert and their should not be space on the blue side where your breasts meet the backside. If the insert seems to small on your breast, not covering enough, size up. You can also tell it is too small because an outline will show from being so pressed. 

    What style should I go with?

    It depends on what your end use is and preference. For example, this Half Moon style is excellent for wireless bras, most swimwear, bralettes, camisoles, sports bras, nursing bras, workout tops but not the best shape for uderwire bras. Our oval shape is best for those.

    Are these push-up, cleavage enhancing inserts?

    No this style is for light shaping and nipple coverage. They are not designed to push up, create cleavage, only to smooth, even/balance, and to create a more rounded natural shape.

    How much support do the inserts offer?

    Our inserts provide light support but they are not super-supportive and don't provide a push up effect.

    Can I use them in a chlorine pool or at the beach in salt water? 

    Yes, our inserts are made with polyester which is the best fabric for chlorine and saltwater. The medical grade silicone outside and polyester have been tested and approved in these conditions. 

    Can you really keep them in your sports bra, bralette or swimsuit in the washing machine?

    Yes you can! The beauty about it too is they stay in your garment and don't end up at the bottom of your washer!

    I don't see my bra size listed, will anything fit me? 

    We strive to include as many women as possible. Send us an email or IM message. We may be able to recommend a size to try and we will keep in mind for adding in the future! We built Honey Cloudz on feedback.

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