• I am 2 different sizes and wore an expensive heavy silicone insert in there for years. Then I heard about these, life changer for me. They are light but have substance to them! They stay in everything I wear. Forever thankful for these!

    Jenna - Traverse City, MI 12/30/2020

  • I lost weight including my breasts :( I no longer filled my bras out and did not want to buy all new bras! These inserts do the job and they don't move. Win!

    Mary Ellen - Atlanta, GA 12/29/2020

  • I'm in my late 60's and love these for smoothing and shaping. My breasts look better in my tops, that is what I was looking for. The coverage is excellent. These are very nice inserts.

    Ginny- Lansdale, PA 12/6/2020

  • I needed something to fill my bras in better. After having kids and getting older, my breasts are not the same. These ovals work really great. I love that they don't move. I am busy running around all the time. I don't have time or want to worry about dumb inserts. Honey Cloudz are the best hands down.

    Sharon - Pasadena, CA 12/6/2020

  • Not being able to see the inserts was important to me. It is so embarrassing when you can see an obvious outline, I have a darker complexion and bought the hazelnut color. I wore them in my white swimsuit and you couldn't see them at all. What a find these are!

    Michala - Columbus, OH 12/6/2020

  • These inserts are great for sports bras. I wear them mostly for running. My favorite part is that I have not had to fix them! I even leave them in while washing them and they are still there.

    Kelly - Nashville, TN 12/6/2020

  • I can't say enough on how comfy these inserts are. They mold to your body and stay. Not too thick but enough coverage. I forget I have them in. They are wonderful!

    Angelina - Minneapolis, MN 11/29/2020

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