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We move. Our inserts shouldn't.
What makes Honey Cloudz so dang special? The Grip! No more shifting, flipping, bunching inserts! No more worrying if your inserts moved. Designed by a woman for all women. Size and Skintone inclusive.

Honey Cloudz bra inserts are designed to stay where they belong. Undetectable grippy outside sticks to all fabrics while the inside is smooth, soft and comfy.

How they work
Grip is on the outside! It adheres against all fabrics. From bras to sports bras and swimwear. Nothing sticky touching you. Goodbye cutlets!

What our customers say


These inserts are great for sports bras. I wear them mostly for running. My favorite part is that I have not had to fix them! I even leave them in while washing them and they are still there.

Kelly - Nashville, TN 12/6/2020


I lost weight including my breasts :( I no longer filled my bras out and did not want to buy all new bras! These inserts do the job and they don't move. Win!

Mary Ellen - Atlanta, GA 12/29/2020


I am 2 different sizes and wore an expensive heavy silicone insert for years. These are light but have substance to them! They stay in everything. Forever thankful for these!

Breonna- Traverse City, MI 12/30/2020


I can't say enough on how comfy these inserts are. They mold to your body and stay. Not too thick but enough coverage. I forget I have them in. They are wonderful!

Angelina - Minneapolis, MN 11/29/2020