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How to Keep Bra Pads in Place While Wearing [3 Easy Tips!]

Victoria Renee

Hey lovely ladies! We’ve all been there – the struggle of keeping those pesky bra pads in place. Whether it's during a yoga class or a day at the beach, the last thing you want to worry about is adjusting your bra pads. Luckily, you’re in the right place! We’ve got the perfect solutions to ensure your bra pads stay put, leaving you to enjoy your day confidently and comfortably. Let's dive into some fun and effective tips to keep those bra pads right where they belong!

Shape Matching

When it comes to buying bras, sports bras, or swimsuit tops that have bra pads already sewn-in, sadly, you are stuck with the bra pad shape they came with. This may or may not be the best shape for your breast which is another downside of sew-in tops.

At least with removable bra pads, if the shape doesn’t match your breasts, you can always try a different style!

Many women don’t even think about bra pad shapes when buying bras, sports bras, or swimsuit tops but the secret to ensuring the best fit lies in choosing both the right bra and the right bra pad shape for your breasts!

Here at Honey Cloudz, we’ve designed multiple bra pad shapes that work for a variety of breasts.

Honey Cloudz bra pad shapes currently include:

  1. Oval (Extra, Lite and Plus)
  2. Half Moon, Half Moon Plus
  3. Triangle ( Plus, Push-Up, Deep Triangle, Mastectomy)
  4. Teardrop
  5. Waterdrop

Invest in quality bras

A pad is only as good as the house that it lives in. 

Sturdy bras = secure pads!

For this reason, it’s best to invest in well-made bras and even camisoles with shelf bras that offer good structure and support. Having a sturdy, structured, and supportive bra will help keep bra pads in place!

Sewing in Pads

Just like sewing in pads into liners or onto other tops can keep them from falling out in the wash, this method also works to keep them in place during wear as well. However, this tactic may cause more problems than it solves.

For starters, sewing/tacking bra pads into bra liners or onto articles of clothing may be an enjoyable experience for some, but for others, not so much.

Also, sewing/tacking bra pads into or onto articles of clothing means that the bra pads are now in a “fixed” position. If you damage or crease the bra pads your only option to correct this is to remove the sewing/tacks and replace the bra pads with new ones. 

Double-sided tape (Optional):

Using double-sided lingerie tape is an option to keep bra pads in place but this option is temporary. Depending on the fabric of the bra pad, the glue on the tape may or may not stick. You may also experience messy residue and even skin irritation or allergic reactions. If you’re sweating or moving around a lot, lingerie tape may not be the best option.

Conclusion: How to Keep Bra Pads in Place While Wearing

There you have it, beautiful! With these playful and practical tips from Honey Cloudz, you can wave goodbye to the annoying dance of adjusting bra pads and say hello to effortless confidence. Remember, the right shape, a quality bra, and a bit of creativity can make all the difference. So go on, embrace the freedom and fabulousness of securely in-place bra pads, and let nothing hold you back!


How to choose the right bra pad size?

Honey Cloudz bra pads correspond to the bra size you wear. This provides a more accurate fit for all breast sizes.  

Using our fit guide, determine your current bra size, and then locate your corresponding insert size.

How do I know what shape is best for me?

The bra pad shape you choose depends on your breast shape, size, density,  and the style you are going for. 

We recommend ordering a few styles and then testing them out with the articles of clothing you intend to wear them with. Trying them out this way will let you know what style works best for you. Not satisfied? We offer 30-day money back guarantee!

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