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What style should I go with? It depends on what your end use is and preference. For example, our Half Moon style is excellent for swimwear, bralettes, camisoles, sports bras, nursing bras, workout tops but not the best shape for regular / everyday bras. Our Oval style is excellent for regular/everyday bras, nursing bras and smaller style (less coverage) bralettes, bikini tops. It is also the best for sweetheart + bandeau style swimwear because it matches the shape best. 

What makes Honey Cloudz different from other inserts? Honey Cloudz inserts were designed to stay in place! We solved the issue of moving bra pad inserts + scraping them up from the bottom of your washing machine with our grippy outside honeycomb texture! Patented technology, high quality product, durable, fit + wear tested on women over 2 years, extended sizing and skintones to include more women. Whew! We changed a lot! 

What comes with an order? You get a pair of inserts. 

What size should I get? Refer to our Size Guide and locate your bra size. For example, 36C is a size Medium. We also list the insert dimensions if you want to double check the size of your garment, it's an excellent way to be sure it will fit properly. If your end use is a regular bra/everyday bra as a "fill in", extra nip coverage we highly suggest to size down one so that it fits properly in your bra. Also keep in mind if your bra style is demi or are wearing a sportsbra/bralette/ smaller bikini top with reduced coverage, you will need to size down one.

Do you offer exchanges?  Yes we offer one free size exchange. No charge to ship the new item out. (U.S. only)

How do I know if I have the right fit? If the insert moves around at all while you are wearing, it is too big size down. If the insert seems to small on your breast, not covering enough, size up. 

Do I need to "have something" in order for the inserts to work?  It really is individual. We have had ladies post mastectomy that are able to use them and equally women that don't have much breast tissue/profile that said they didn't work for them. 

Will they stay in place without anything else under a shirt or dress? No, the inserts need to be inside a swimsuit, sports bra, workout top, bralette, regular bra. They are not a strapless "silicone bra" that you can wear by itself.

Are these push-up, cleavage enhancing inserts? No, both styles are not push up at all. The oval provides a little more thickness than the half moon but overall both are used for lightweight shaping, nipple coverage and added support. They are not meant to create cleavage, only to smooth, even/balance, and to create a more rounded natural shape.

Can I use them inside a swimsuit, bralette, or sports bra without a liner? Yes you can! That's one of the amazing benefits, you can slip them inside any of those and they stay in place. The suit, bralette or sports bra needs to be fitted close to the body in order for the inserts to work. If the clothing is loose, our inserts won't hug/cup the breast and press against the fabric to stick/hold.

Can I use them in a chlorine pool or at the beach in salt water? Yes, our inserts are designed to withstand chlorine and saltwater. The medical grade silicone outside and polyester have been tested and approved in these conditions. As with any fabrics however, if you are training in chlorine multiple times a week for long periods of time, naturally the fibers eventually break down. We have had competitive swimmers and aqua fitness professionals wear our inserts regularly.

How should I wash them? Our bra pads can be washed inside your sports bras/tops, swimwear, hand washed or inside the Honey Cloudz mesh bag. Machine wash cold or hand wash gentle detergent, no bleach, do not iron or dry clean. Lay flat or hang to dry. Do NOT put inserts in the dryer.

Can you really keep them in your sports bra, bralette or swimsuit in the washing machine? Yes you can! The beauty about it too is they stay in your garment and don't end up at the bottom of your washer!

What if there was a quality defect in the product after the 30 day return window? We are fanatical about quality. If there is a true manufacturing defect not through misuse, dryer damage or normal wear and tear, we will refund your original payment method or issue a new pair depending on your preference.

How did you come up with the name Honey Cloudz? True Story. Founder Angie and her husband Jack were driving on a road trip looking at clouds in the sky, and talking about names. We knew we wanted "clouds" in the name because they are lightweight, and it's fun. He suggested Honey because of the sticky factor. It stuck immediately! ;0

I don't see my bra size listed, will anything fit me? We covered a pretty huge range of sizes for women. At our core, we want women to be covered! Send us an email or IM message if we don't have your size. We may be able to recommend a size to try or we will keep in mind for adding in the future!

How much support do the inserts offer? Our inserts provide light-medium support depending on your breast size and end-use/activity. They are not push up style inserts or an actual bra. They provide added support to your sports bra, workout top, nursing bra, regular/everyday bra and swimsuit.