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Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Not one pair is the same, and we are all uniquely different. Did you know more than 50% of all women are two different sizes? It is more common than not! As our breasts begin to develop at the start of puberty, the chance of one developing larger than the other is very likely. Some women can have one breast size a full cup or larger different. Some women’s differing breast size isn’t as drastic, just a slight difference, perhaps half a cup.


woman pointing to one bra insert that creates balance and symmetry of breasts


This is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to even out your breasts and create a more balanced look underneath clothing. In a bra, your larger breast should fill out the cup nicely without any spillage or puckering in that cup. The smaller side would naturally pucker because the cup is too large but this is where our oval insert would do its job and fill it in creating a smoother balanced appearance. For balancing your breasts, we highly suggest our oval insert shape. They come in sets of 2, so you will get 2 pairs for the price of one. Look at that, a little bonus for our asymmetrical challenged ladies! All you need to do is pop in the oval insert on your smaller side, the grippy side adheres against the fabric and your good to go! If the insert moves on you the day, typically it is too large for you or the bra cup is not a good match.If there is still wrinkling in that side of the bra fabric after you put the insert in, you either need a larger insert or the cup itself on the bra is too big. 


woman measuring bra size for accurate bra fit  


First make sure that your bra itself is a good fit. An estimated 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. It is a life changer! A proper fitting bra, lifts, separates and provides the best support for your girls. There are many factors that can change our bra size, particularly changes in weight, hormones and pregnancy. Start with a good foundation of a properly fitted bra. Did you know that more than 75% of the support comes from the band? Your band should not squeeze you, leave red marks or ride up. We are big supporters of your local bra fitting stores. They are experts in bra fitting and can get you into a bra that will properly fit your larger side, cup and band all together much better! If you need help finding one near you, reach out to us at support@honeycloudz.com 



Did you know that by massaging your breasts, you will be increasing the blood flow and circulation. Massage them both, however, you want to ensure that you’re focusing most of your love and time on the smaller breast. As you further knead your breasts, estrogen will be released to this area and can help to improve breast growth. Prolactin, another hormone, will be released as well and this hormone is helpful in terms of promoting breast dimensions. Breast massages also help to tone the tissue in this area of the body, ensuring that over time your twins are more firmer and perkier. A win-win for all! There is also something to be said about self-love and care, honoring our bodies and all they do for us. 


While this condition is very common (more than half of all women have some dissymmetry) and in most cases need not be a cause for concern, however, there is a time when you should consult your doctor. If you find your breasts are largely different in size, it could be an indication for breast cancer. Your doctor can run a number of breast exams to analyze breast density, structure, and check for any masses. 


Olaniyan folakemi
Olaniyan folakemi
how many days should I massage my breast to get a better result??

What type of bra do you wear if you had surgery on one side and it is higher and perkier than the other side?


What type of bra do you wear if you had surgery on one side and it is higher and perking than the other side?

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