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How to Keep Bra Pads In Place While Washing [Detailed Guide]

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It's Laundry Day!  Are you already dreading the thought of how you will wash your bra pads?

Chances are, this is not something you think about as you gather your clothes, separate colors, and choose whether or not you should wash a load in hot or cold water.

To prevent damage to your bra pads though, it’s best to take an inventory of your bras, sports bras, and swimsuit tops to see what you’re working with! This article will equip you with the knowledge and solutions you need to keep your bra pads in place while washing and wearing them.

Bra Pad Basics

When it comes to bra pads, there are two bra pad types you should know about.

  1. Sewn-in
  2. Removable.

If they are sewn in, you can’t remove the pads unless you cut them out of the liner. 

If they are removable, you’ll know because there will be a “pocket hole” on the inside of the bra which allows you to remove the bra pad. If you see this hole, you’ll know that you have the option to wash them either with the pads in, or out!

If your bras, sports bras, and swimsuit tops have the removable kind of bra pads, more often than not, you might just end up tossing your bras and swimsuit tops (with the bra pads or “inserts” still inside them) into the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. Your decision to do this depends on whether you’ve washed your bras and swimsuit tops this way before, and if you’re willing to take the risk as the bra pads themselves may get damaged or fall out.

The obvious thing to do would be to remove your bra pads BEFORE you wash them. However, we all know that you *may* forget to do this. 🙂

If you DO remember to remove your bra pads before washing them good luck! 

Pulling out bra pads through those tiny pocket holes on the inside of your bra can be quite an endeavor.

Sports bra with inserts

Let’s be brutally honest. Removing bra pads can be very annoying. You can opt to use your fingers or a tool to remove them, but with either method, you risk creasing the bra pad. These creases may be visible through your bras, sports bras, or swimsuit tops once you insert them back in again. This is why it’s so important to understand the different types of bra pads that exist so you know how to properly care for them.

So what is the best method to wash your bra pads? 

We’ll go over some options later on, but for now, Let’s discuss how to keep your bra pads in place during a machine wash. 

After all, no one wants to hunt for missing bra pads on laundry day!

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How To Keep Bra Pads In Place During A Machine Wash

If you decide to wash your bras, sports bras,  and swimsuit tops with your bra pads still inside, there are some things you can do to keep your bra pads in place.

1. Sewing

You can sew up the pocket holes to keep bra pads from falling out. However, this doesn't stop the pads from moving around inside the liner, which can cause them to bunch up or crease since they have nowhere else to go. This is a common drawback of buying bras and swimsuit tops with pads already sewn in.

Another option is to sew the pad directly onto the inside of the cup

While this might be a suitable option for those who enjoy sewing, for many, the idea of buying thread and taking the time to sew pads onto a top can be frustrating. 

If you choose this method, a few stitches or "tacks" are all it takes. You can leave these tacks in permanently, or cut them out after each wash, (this can also become annoying). 

Additionally, the pads will often wear out before your bra, sports bra, or swimsuit tops do since they are not protected inside a pocket liner. 

Lastly, If the pads are flimsy and develop a crease while sewn in, you're essentially stuck with it, and the crease may be visible through clothing.

A word of caution: if you decide to keep the tacks in permanently, they might become bothersome during wear or cause skin irritation. 

2. Safety Pins 

A similar, temporary solution to tacking bra pads onto the inside of tops is to use safety pins to keep bra pads in place. The risk with safety pins is that they could create noticeable holes in both the pads and on the inside fabric of the bra, sports bra,  or swimsuit top. They could also come undone or snag onto other articles of clothing in the wash. Worse, they could come undone and end up piercing your skin!

3. Use a Mesh Delicates Bag  

Putting tops in a mesh delicates bag minimizes the risk of damage, whether you decide to wash them separately or with other clothes.

 When washed separately, the bag works as a barrier that prevents friction and agitation against the washing machine. 

If washed with other clothes, it prevents tops from becoming entangled or hooked onto other articles of clothing (gotta love those pesky bra hooks!). 

Best of all, the bag acts as a container and will keep bra pads in place so you don’t have to sift through your laundry to try and find them!

Honey Cloudz’s mesh delicates bag is the perfect size for washing bra pads alone, as well as smaller bras and bralettes. 

One unique feature of our bag is its innovative middle divider, which allows soap and water to flow freely for a deeper clean.

4. Use Bra Pads That Are Designed to Stay In Place

Honey Cloudz bra pads stand out from others on the market due to our patented grippy exterior which keeps bra pads in place by clinging onto fabrics. 

If you opt to keep our bra pads inside the pockets of your bras, sports bras, and swimsuit tops while washing them, it’s important to select warm or cold water. Avoid putting our pads in the dryer; instead, lay them flat to air dry. This care method will not only maintain the quality and shape of our inserts, it will also ensure that our grippy exterior continues to cling to the fabric of your garments.

How to Wash Bra Pads

When it comes to best practices for washing bra pads separately, here are some key tips to follow.


Make sure to use lukewarm water that has already been mixed with a gentle detergent. We recommend the brand Soak for intimates as it is both gentle and effective. You can “swirl” the premixed water around to create a mini washing machine effect or, dip a soft cloth into the premixed water to gently clean each bra pad.  Similar to how a delicates bag works to confine your bras, sports, bras, and swimsuit tops, washing bra pads in a bucket, sink, or basin keeps them contained in one place and prevents them from getting lost.

Bra inserts in washing bag

Washing Bra Pads in a Delicates Bag

Delicates bags aren't just for bras, smaller sports bras, bralettes, swimsuit tops, and panties. They can also be used specifically for bra pads!

If one of your goals is to start washing bra pads in a delicates bag, you can check out our Bra Inserts Washing Bag on our site!

Conclusion: The Best Ways To Keep Bra Pads In Place

If you’re frustrated with regular bra pads retaining their shape, don’t want to deal with the headache of removing and reinserting bra pads before washing them, and don’t want to deal with sewn-in bra pads that break down, wrinkle, or crease, then Honey Cloudz is for you!

Honey Cloudz Bra Pads are:

  1. Non Slip: Our grippy outer layer grips onto your clothing, not your skin.
  2. Lightweight - Made of lightweight and firm material that holds its shape.
  3. Worn with or without pockets - Can be inserted into bra pockets, or worn against the skin.
  4. Seamless (aka non-serged) - No visible insert outline due to the fact that our bra pads are heat-sealed and not sewn.
  5. Comfortable - Our soft blue interior feels great against the skin.
  6. Inclusive - We have an extended range of sizing and skin tones


Can I put bra pad inserts in the dryer?

returns as well as a free size exchange for unworn inserts. Additionally, we can also provide personalized fit help. To learn more about how we can assist by helping you choose the best style for you, email us at support@honeycloudz.com

We do not recommend putting Honey Cloudz bra pads in the dryer. Instead, lay pads flat and air dry them.

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