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Which Way Do Bra Pads Go In? (Simple Guide)

Victoria Renee

Chances are, you’ve asked yourself, “Which way do bra pads go in?” if you’ve ever quickly taken out your bra pads from a bra or swimsuit top and then tried to stuff them back in (unsuccessfully, of course). If you've ever experienced this and wondered how to put bra pads back in the right way,  you are not alone! This article will provide a clear and easy-to-follow guide on proper bra pad placement for a comfortable and flattering fit.

Bra Pad Basics 

Before we discuss the proper way to insert bra pads, let's go over some basic bra pad anatomy.

For starters, there are two main types of bra pads:

  1. Sewn-in 
  2. Removable

If you have bras or swimsuit tops that are the sewn-in type, you’ll never have to wonder which way the bra pads go in because they are ALREADY IN and will never fall out!

If they are the removable type, you are probably reading this article right now and hoping that we answer the question, "Which way do bra pads go in?” (We promise, we’ll get to that soon!).

Now that we’ve established the two main types of bra pads, let’s go over some bra pad shapes.

Here at Honey Cloudz we currently offer 13 different bra pad shapes that vary by thickness, shaping, coverage, and padding.

They include our:

  1. Oval: Our tried and true shape that can work to balance out 2 different shaped breasts (max difference ½ cup). They provide a smooth, more rounded natural appearance with lightweight shaping, nipple coverage, and added support to bras.
  2. Oval +: They provide double the shaping of our regular ovals. They are thicker and can balance more than a half-cup breast size difference. They are not push-up or cleavage-enhancing, but provide more of a smoother, rounder shape.
  3. Oval ‘Extra: Offers natural shaping after unilateral or bilateral mastectomy, lumpectomy, and reconstruction. Can balance up a full cup breast difference.
  4. Oval Push-Up: Creates both fullness and roundness. Please note our push-up ovals have a firmer feel that helps maximize the boost. The graduated padding and firmness provide the ultimate enhancement.
  5. Oval Lites: Provides minimalist nipple coverage with zero bulk. Our lightest insert to date. Super lightweight bra pad providing adequate nipple coverage without extra padding.
  6. Half Moons: Provide a smooth, more rounded natural appearance with lightweight shaping, nipple coverage, and added support to bras.
  7. Half Moon +: Thicker, double the shaping than our regular Half Moons. This style is not a push-up but does have a thicker, more padded design.
  8. Triangle: This is a classic triangle shape and not super padded or push-up.
  9. Triangle +: Double the thickness and shaping of our regular triangles. 
  10. Deep Triangle: Engineered for the needs of large busts. The deep triangle shape center allows for your breasts to truly fill the cups providing excellent coverage and better support and eliminating the need for excess padding.
  11. Triangle Push-Ups: We did it our way with strategically placed push-up and a tapered triangle shape, these babies push breasts up, and in.
  12. Teardrop: Offers natural shaping after unilateral or bilateral mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction, cosmetic procedures and thoracic surgery.
  13. Waterdrop: Full bust style. Provides natural-looking full coverage.

The bra pad shapes you ultimately  decide to go with depends on a few factors:

  1. Your Breast Shape, Size, and Density (Check out our Fit Guide to find your size!).
  2. The style of the bra you want to wear them in.
  3. The look you are going for (i.e. pushed up, or more natural)
bra pad placement

Bra Pad Placement: Which Way Do They Go In?

The quickest way to determine which way to insert your bra pad is to first figure out which side is the bottom. To tell this, find the widest, roundest, or most curved part of the bra pad. The widest, roundest, and most curved part of the bra pad is always the bottom. Draw a straight line from the bottom and you have now found the top or "UP" position. It helps if you think of bra pads like pyramids with the wide base being the bottom and the more pointed side being the top.

  • Balancing Pads: For our Ovals ( which are more of an overall round shape) our logos are always found on the bottom which is the side that goes over the curved bottom part of your breast. 

See here:

Balancing Pads
  • Push-Up Pads: For our push up pads, our logo is ON THE TOP. The thicker part of the pad should be positioned towards the bottom of the bra cup, cupping your breasts for lift and shaping. 

See here:

push-up pads

Addressing Shape Variations: 

HoneyCloudz offers 13 different bra pad shapes that vary in thickness, shaping, coverage, and padding (See the descriptions above for more details).

As a quick reference guide, our:

  • Our Oval Lites shape offer lightweight shaping.
  • Our PLUS shapes (+) offered in our Oval, Half Moon, and Triangle shapes are thicker, and offer double the shaping.
  • Our Push-Ups (Oval and Triangle) have graduated shaping on the bottom that provide that extra “oomph” factor and are meant to be angled according to the shape of your breast and the style you are going for.
  • Our Deep Triangle shape is engineered for the needs of large breasts.
  • Our Teardrop shape works best for breasts that have undergone mastectomies, lumpectomies, or thoracic surgery.
  • Our Waterdrop shape provides a full bust style.

Again, the shapes that you decide upon depend on your breast shape, size, density, bra or swimsuit top you intend to wear them with, and the look you are going for.

The placement of the bra pad itself might differ slightly based on the shape you choose. Our Ovals curved side for example, needs to be aligned with a bra’s bottom cup for a smoother fit.  For Half Moons, the placement is different. The rounded side should be placed towards the top, and teh straight side towards the bottom for optimal shaping.

ovals curved side bra pads

Benefits of Proper Placement

Proper placement of bra pads is essential for ensuring bra pad comfort and achieving an improved bra fit. 

It's crucial to test out bra pads with the different types of bras, tops, and swimsuit tops you intend to wear them with. Trying them out on different articles of clothing will assure comfort and support while preventing bunching, thus creating a smoother, and more flattering silhouette.

Honey Cloudz's non-slip design guarantees that once the bra pads are correctly positioned on the breast, they remain securely in place. The pressure of the breast against the clothing helps to maintain everything in position, ensuring the pads stay fixed at all times (Gotta love physics!).

bra pad placement

Conclusion: Bra Pad Placement:

To summarize, when looking at bra pads, the widest, roundest, and most curved part of the bra pad is always the bottom. 

For optimal fit, nothing beats experimentation. That’s why it’s always a good idea to order a few different styles and test them out on all the different articles of clothing you intend to wear them with.

With Honey Cloudz, we’ve taken the guesswork out of placement by labeling “Top” on the side that faces up, so you’ll never have to ask yourself “Which way do bra pads go in?” ever again!

Bra Pad Placement FAQs

Do Bra Pads Need to Go In Pockets/Liners?

Most other bra pad manufacturers require that their bra pads be inserted into a bra pocket.

Honey Cloudz bra pads can either be placed against the skin or in a bra pocket.

What if the pads feel uncomfortable or bunch up? 

The flimsy nature of all other bra pads out cause them to bunch, but Honey Cloudz rarely bunch with proper fit, the grips will hold them in place against fabrics. 

Our bra pads can be easily adjusted if you experience any bunching. If the pad feels uncomfortable, it might not be the correct shape or size for your breast, or it may not suit the article of clothing you are wearing. That's why it's crucial to experiment and test various shapes and sizes with the specific articles of clothing you intend to wear them with.

Do the pads have a right and left side?

Here at Honey Cloudz, we’ve taken the guesswork out of placement by labeling which side of the bra pad faces up (towards your head), and which side faces down  (towards your feet). Once you’ve determined these positions, you can figure out what side is left, and which side is right.

More important than these directions though, is that the inward-curved or concave part of the bra pad is the side that is placed directly over your breast. Honey Cloudz also took the guesswork out of finding this side by coloring the inward-curved or concave part of our bra pad blue. The blue side should always be placed directly over your breast. 

How often should I wash my bra pads?

How often you should wash your bra pads depends on how often you wear them, how much you sweat, and whether they start to smell. We suggest washing them as often as you wash your bras, sports bras, and swimsuit tops. We highly recommend washing our bra pads in our mesh delicates bag, which can be included in a laundry load or washed separately. For more tips on washing bra pads, check out our article on How to Keep Bra Pads In Place [While Washing and Wearing].

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