Tips + Tricks to wear your Honey Cloudz inserts

Tips + Tricks to wear your Honey Cloudz inserts



We want all of our lovely women to feel good and confident in what they wear. Whether you’re out on the town, going on a run in your neighborhood, or lounging around the house, we’ve got your nips covered!

OurHalf MoonandOvalInserts come in six different colors(Vanilla Sugar, Latte, Caramel, Hazelnut, Mocha, +  Jet), providing a wide range for all skin tones! The grippy side of the inserts are what face outward and sticks to fabric and the blue side of the inserts sticks to your skin. You can slide the inserts into a bra liner or “pocket” for lightweight shaping and additional support. The best part about them is that they can stick to your skin and stay in place without a bra liner or pocket! 

There are a number of clothing pieces that function well with our inserts! If you’re wearing a regular bra or bralette, you can pop them into place!Our half moon insertshave more height than width and are conducive for sports bras, bralettes, workout tops, camisoles, and swimwear.Our oval insertshave more width than height and work great in bandeau tops or clothing pieces with sweetheart necklines as well as regular bras, sports bras, and bralettes. You can wear these inserts in sports bras and swimsuits as well! They are a catch-all for any function you can think of. 

If you are looking for nipple coverage, lightweight shaping and added support, something to balance out a smaller breast, or something to act as a filler, our inserts will work great for you!

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